EDI MMU2-16LE SmartMonitor® Malfunction Management Unit

EDI’s MMU2-16LE SmartMonitor® malfunction management unit manages malfunctions affecting traffic light control cabinets. It displays the cabinet’s status, monitors faulty signals, reports malfunctions and provides accurate diagnoses.


The SmartMonitor® MMU2-16LE is equipped with two large high-contrast LCD displays that continuously show full intersection traffic light status. It is also equipped with a separate LCD display providing a menu-driven user interface to check status, signal voltages, configuration, event logs as well as a help system.

RMS-EngineTM, a DSP coprocessor, converts AC input measurements to true RMS voltages thereby virtually eliminating false sensing due to changes in frequency, phase or sine wave distortion.

A non-volatile time-stamped event log provides complete information on intersection status as well as AC line events, configuration changes, management unit resets, temperature and true RMS voltages. Five logs stored in the non-volatile memory also graphically store up to 30 seconds of signal status prior to each fault event.

The enhanced settings are stored in a card-mounted non-volatile memory. Simply insert the memory card in another MMU2-16LE unit to transfer all settings to it. Furthermore, the built-in EDI ECcomTM Windows software facilitates access to status data, event log retrieval, configuration and data archiving.

The MMU2-16LE SmartMonitor® ensures real-time communication with the controller unit using the SDLC protocol to exchange data on field input status, controller unit output status, fault status, MMU programming as well as date and time.

The MMU2-16LE SmartMonitor® malfunction management unit meets all specifications of the NEMA TS 2-2003 standard (R2008) for the configuration of second-generation malfunction management units while maintaining compatibility with NEMA TS1-1989 devices.

It also supports the MUTCD (Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices) Flashing Yellow Arrow PPLT operation recently introduced in the United States and meets MMU2 requirements of amendment 4-2012 of the NEMA TS 2 standard.

Finally, the MMU2-16LE can be configured to operate in a 12-channel TS1 cabinet with the Port 1 SDLC function and diagnostic wizard with no cabinet wiring changes.

Standard features

  • Setup wizard
  • Diagnostic wizard: Automatically pinpoints faulty signals and offers troubleshooting guidance
  • LEDguard®: Innovative signal threshold technique that can be used to increase the level of monitoring protection when using LED-based signal heads


  • MMU2-16LE: Management unit with EIA-232 port
  • MMU2-16LEip: Management unit with Ethernet port

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