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Our surveillance and monitoring program provides continuous oversight of your traffic system. We are your ears and eyes. This program is offered to farsighted companies and cities.

A bold prevention program

Leading-edge cellular, radio or wired communication technology is used to connect all equipment to a central monitoring station. From there, we can see the status of all your traffic-light components.

A satellite-based monitoring service advises you in real time of any anomaly, thereby reducing the service call response time. A remote monitoring centre facilitates decision-making so you can respond quickly to maintain safety and fluidity in your traffic systems.

This program lets us keep you informed, provide the necessary support and make recommendations on how to optimize your installed computer base.

The benefits of being farsighted

  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Your assurance of safety and traffic flow
  • Swift response
  • Equipment optimization and strategic recommendations
  • Comprehensive maintenance and service offering

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Smart Work Zones

As your efficiency partner, Orange Traffic supports you in managing your roadwork sites, helping you to reach your performance objectives, maximize work time for teams, meet your deadlines and minimize the impact of roadwork on traffic flow.

Get all the information you need to make sound traffic-optimization decisions thanks to our groundbreaking solutions that integrate vehicle detection systems with Bluetooth™ technology and SmartSensor HD and SmartSensor Advance radars, installed at strategic locations on your worksites.

  • Measure travel time
  • Count and classify vehicles on each road segment
  • Determine queue lengths

Strategic information is gathered and sent for analysis by specialized software designed by TPA North America, which generates reports providing a complete and real-time picture of the worksite.

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