EDI-810 Electronic Flasher

Orange Traffic offers EDI’s solid state flashers.


Each high-quality flasher is enclosed in a sturdy, heat sink, extruded aluminium housing that allows the triac device to operate with the full load current at high temperatures (+70°C) without exceeding the maximum allowable case temperature. This helps ensure long life and reliable operation.


  • Meets NEMA TS 1-1994 and NEMA TS 2-2003 standards
  • Maximum load current: 15-amp RMS per circuit over full NEMA temperature range of -34°C to +74°C
  • Operating voltage range: 60 to 135 VAC
  • Zero crossing: less than 5 degrees of zero voltage point
  • Isolation greater than 2000 V
  • 56 flashes/minute, internal oscillator controlled
  • Flash rate stable when used with generators or inverters
  • Peak inverse voltage: 600 V
  • One-cycle surge : 250-amp peak
  • Noise rejection greater than ±300 V peak
  • Dual output circuits
  • Dimensions: 105.9 mm (H) x 37.5 mm (W) x 203.8 mm (D) (4.170 x 1.475 x 8.025″)

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