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ITS Canada Annual Conference & General Meeting: Mobility 2030

Orange Traffic was there !

From June 17 to 20, Orange Traffic’s team was at ITS Canada’s annual conference as exhibitors and speakers in Niagara Falls. With a theme like ‘’Bridging Innovation and a Green Future’’, we knew being there and taking part of this movement was important. As many speakers highlighted; transportation as we know today may not be the same in 2030 and it is our responsibility to make a smart change that will better our lives. At Orange Traffic, we believe in creating innovative solutions to create smarter intersections and smarter traffic network. 

The conference was a real success for our industry with great speakers to talk about today’s reality and tomorrow’s challenges. The City of Toronto gave a technical session regarding the use of our LED blank out signs to increase security and fluidity in their city to all the delegates. Orange Traffic wants to be part of the change to create smart cities, where security and fluidity are at the center of priorities. 

With innovation in mind, Patrick Lauziere, P. Eng. and VP of R&D, presented our open platform, IntersectTM, to the delegates during a presentation and we also had it installed in our Techno-Hybrid traffic cabinet at our booth alongside with our Pedestrian Crossing illuminated sign and our LED Street Sign. 

Please contact one of our team member to talk about this great event and our innovative solutions. 

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