Specialty LED Lighting for Traffic Light Cabinets

To work safely and efficiently, maintenance personnel working on traffic light control and distribution cabinets must be able to correctly read the inscriptions on terminal blocks, cables and other devices before making connections. Orange Traffic has therefore developed a specially designed LED lighting system that provides optimal lighting of all components.


The format, intensity, location and orientation of each lighting component of Orange Traffic’s LED lighting system are carefully studied. Thus, a maximum of light is focussed on the cabinet’s components and a minimum is directed towards the maintenance personnel to reduce glare.

The system produces neutral lighting to ensure accurate rendering and visual determination of colours. The LED bulbs’ typical life is estimated at 100,000 hours, which essentially means they will not need to be replaced during the enclosure’s lifetime.

Whether aluminium-core printed circuits or energy-efficient LEDs, all of this modular system’s components are designed for sturdiness and operating reliability under all conditions. Delicate components are solidly attached to an anodized aluminium extrusion profile.

These components meet the operating requirements of the NEMA TS 2 standard and are fully compatible with the traffic light cabinets sold by Orange Traffic and most other manufacturers.

Orange Traffic’s lighting device has its own power supply to allocate each and every watt of power supplied by the cabinet to critical modules and ensure that lighting is kept independent from the cabinet’s other components.

The dimensions and mounting holes are specifically adapted to Orange Traffic’s cabinets, including “Montreal” type and standard CAB TS2-1/16LS cabinets. However, both mounting holes and dimensions can be adapted to those of other models. Contact Orange Traffic if you have specific needs.

Functional characteristics

  • Lighting comprised of three linear LEDs
  • Modular design making it possible to replace individual components
  • AMP 640456-2 connectors

Technical characteristics

  • LEDs:
    • Power: 3 W
    • Nominal efficiency: 35 lm/W
    • Diffusion angle: 120°
  • Power:
    • 12 VDC, 1.5 A
    • CSA special inspection approval according to SPE-1000. 
  • Lighting:
    • Neutral white
    • Temperature: 4300 ± 500 K

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