LED Intermittent Railroad Crossing Sign

Intermittent railroad crossing signs are used to indicate that certain manoeuvres are allowed or forbidden when a train is travelling in an intersection or at a level crossing. They are highly visible and can be used to forbid manoeuvres in certain situations and can therefore ensure optimal traffic flow and direct road users during the passing of trains through simple and easy-to-read messages.


These signs are the most readable on the market because they are built with high-quality components such as LEDs specially designed for road traffic and a unique constant current modular power system that eliminates flickering.

Orange Traffic’s advance lane control signs also enable energy cost savings because they consume up to 90% less electricity than conventional fibre optic signs. Furthermore, their components are designed to facilitate installation, maintenance and upgrading and therefore lower operating costs. Finally, it is also possible to reuse the enclosure and wiring and replace only the front (LED) panel.

The wiring may be installed in the panel itself or consolidated with other power supplies in a more accessible area to minimize traffic disturbances during maintenance operations.

Orange Traffic offers an array of standard LED panels and several messages can be combined in a single panel. However, thanks to their modular design, these panels are easily adaptable to your requirements, and Orange Traffic is also able to design special or oversized panels. Feel free to inform us about your specific needs.

Functional characteristics

  • Independently powered and controlled messages. The power modules are compatible with all Orange Traffic LED display panels and can be replaced while powered
  • The front panel assembly, as well as the main components, can be replaced using just a flat screwdriver, which facilitates upgrading and maintenance operations
  • Fully compatible with:
    • Standard traffic signal conflict monitors (NEMA and 170)
    • Orange Traffic’s SPC-22 programmable clock, allowing for the panel’s autonomous operation according to pre-established schedules
    • Earlier versions of Orange Traffic lane control panels (backward compatibility)
  • Dry contact for the confirmation or display control alarm of each message and for interlocking two contiguous messages without additional material
  • 4.8-mm (3/16″) thick UV-resistant front lens for longer LED life

Technical characteristics

  • Waterproof aluminium enclosure that meets NEMA requirements for type 4 enclosures
  • Compliance with Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) requirements applying to LED road signs
  • Exterior dimensions:
    • 710 x 710 mm (28 x 28″) for 600-mm (24″) messages
    • 710 x 965 mm (28 x 38″) for 750-mm (30″) messages
  • Depth: 200 mm (8″)
  • Supply voltage: 90–135 VAC/60 Hz
  • Maximum power: 30 W; nominal power: 15 W
  • Power factor > 90%
  • Compliance with operating temperature criteria of NEMA TS2 standard (–34 to +74°C (–30 to +165°F))
  • LEDs of stable brightness and chromaticity over the entire power and temperature ranges

Optional accessory

  • 300-mm (12″) deep visor for improved visibility in direct sunlight

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