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The Jacques Cartier Bridge: Gathering and analyzing traffic data for prevention, action and innovation

For many years now, traffic on the island of Montreal has gotten increasingly complex, with countless roadwork sites fanning the flames of the situation. With the building of a new Champlain Bridge and work planned for the Louis-Hippolyte-Lafontaine Tunnel, the company managing two city bridges, Jacques Cartier + Champlain Bridges Inc. (JCCBI) wanted to analyze traffic flow data to measure the surplus on the Jacques Cartier Bridge and create a suitable management plan that would minimize the impacts on fluidity and safety on the road network.

An important point to consider: The Jacques Cartier Bridge is a key structure in Montreal, with five lanes over 2.7 km. It is taken by thousands of users every day to cross the St. Lawrence River between the city and its south and the north Shores.

The solution proposed by Orange Traffic

Counting and classifying vehicles

As requested by JCCBI, Orange Traffic has combined existing loop technologies using PEEK ADR counters at the bridge entrances and exits with six new strategically located Wavetronix SmartSensor HD radars. Data from the two types of devices are combined and analyzed by the Command software, which can produce reports analyzing various aspects of the traffic flow: number of vehicles, length, speed, direction, space between vehicles, roadway occupancy, etc.

Smooth traffic flow

Close to 100 lane control signs are installed on the bridge to enable the opening and closing of lanes according to traffic intensity and direction. This equipment not only keeps traffic flowing smoothly but also allows some lanes to be closed in emergency situations.

Congestion detection

Four Wavetronix SmartSensor HD radars are used to measure traffic density and average speed. This information is sent to a Click 513 (Wavetronix traffic alert device), which analyzes the data and sends a signal when congestion conditions are met. Drivers are then advised of the upcoming congestion on flashing panels warning them to “prepare to stop.”

Data in the service of an innovative project

In addition to improving flow and safety on the bridge, the information gathered by Command is also used to provide valuable data to the Jacques Cartier Bridge illumination project. This spectacular light project is part of the celebrations for Montreal’s 375th anniversary. See this article for more details.

Orange Traffic solutions used in this project

Benefits of the Jacques Cartier Bridge traffic solution

The products and technologies used in this solution make it possible to:

  • gather statistical information about traffic
  • detect congestion zones in real time
  • manage lane signal lights and information signage with variable messages
  • supply data for the algorithms that regulate bridge illumination and light shows

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