Connection Box

For your intersection projects, opt for a type CB1 service box according to MTQ requirements and distinguished by its most elegant exterior construction.


The service box is typically used at each intersection and serves as the initial connection point to the local electrical network. Its enclosure, terminal blocks, connections and robust electrical protection ensure the safety of workers and the protection of equipment connected downstream.

This box corresponds to the type CB1 service box described by the Ministère du Transport du Québec (MTQ) in its collection of standards. In order to ensure its compliance, the construction of this box complies with all the electrical and mechanical standards in effect, including the one specifically covering service boxes, i.e., standard 8702 of the MTQ’s Volume VII “Electrical Materials”.

  • 304 #2B 14G stainless steel box approximately 10″ wide by 20″ high by 9″ deep;
  • Molded case and bolted circuit breaker with a breaking capacity of 22kA at 240V, 2 poles, with a capacity that can vary from 15 to 90A according to needs;
  • Door on concealed piano hinge in 304 stainless steel fixed by welded joint;
  • Built to meet Nema 3R waterproof standard;
  • Noeprene gasket around the perimeter of the door and backing on the housing shoulder;
  • Welding according to CSA W47.1 standard;
  • Weld pickled and passivated according to standard ASTM A380/A380M AND ASTM A967/A967M
  • Unpainted 5052-H32 aluminum mounting plate; 
  • Corbin Brand 1 point lock;
  • Fabric Briefacse (-34C / 74C)
  • 316 stainless steel hardware. 
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