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A Win-Win Situation: Blank Out Signs on the montée des Pionniers in Terrebonne

Responding to several complaints filed by citizens highlighting the inefficiency of local traffic on the montée des Pionniers in Terrebonne due to right turns on red lights being forbidden between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. from Mondays through Fridays, and also due to periods of time dedicated to pedestrian crossings even when there aren’t any, the City of Terrebonne has decided to reprogram some intersections and entrusted the project with Orange Traffic’s team of experts.

The Challenges

First, Orange Traffic went on the scene to identify the targeted intersections and analyze the programming of their traffic lights to better understand the issue and provide a personalized solution.

Nine (9) intersections were to be optimized on the montée des Pionniers, covering an area of 3 km on the length. In addition to changing the LED signs and reprogramming these intersections, the team was challenged in implementing new road guidelines that would be more respected by road users all while preserving pedestrians’ safety.

Below is the list of intersections targeted by this project:

  • Site 1 : boulevard Marcel-Therrien / montée des Pionniers;
  • Site 2 : avenue de la Croisée / montée des Pionniers;
  • Site 3 : access to the hospital / montée des Pionniers;
  • Site 4 : rue de la Soeur-Marie-Rose / montée des Pionniers;
  • Site 5 : access to Costco / montée des Pionniers;
  • Site 6 : boulevard Pierre-Le Gardeur / montée des Pionniers;
  • Site 7 : rue des Fleurs / montée des Pionniers;
  • Site 8 : rue Pierre-Laporte / montée des Pionniers;
  • Site 9 : chemin Saint-Charles / montée des Pionniers.


The Proposed and Implemented Solution

Following Orange Traffic’s recommendations, the City of Terrebonne chose to optimize local traffic on the montée des Pionniers with the LED P-110-7 blank out signs, which forbids right turns at a red light only when crossing time is requested by pedestrians.

The LED P-110-7 blank out sign:

  • Contributes to reducing road users’ confusion thanks to a faster response time increasing traffic fluidity;
  • Gives priority to pedestrians only when requested;
  • Limits visual pollution with a light intensity set at 1000 lumen;
  • Displays a clearer message for road users with an optimized angled position;
  • Are resistant thanks to their aluminum housing;
  • And provides a sustainable solution as the LED lights ensure a greater product longevity.

In addition to the installation of the new blank out signs, Orange Traffic’s team connected these signs to the control cabinets, ensuring their proper programming.

Moreover, the solution was deployed in complete safety thanks to a collaboration with JNA Leblanc who supplied well-identified trucks to manage road traffic during the operation. Plus, to avoid causing any additional traffic jams during rush hour, the area was cleared before 4 p.m. to maintain local traffic fluidity.  


The Results

Since the solution was implemented at all nine targeted intersections of the montée des Pionniers, the City of Terrebonne has noticed a significant improvement in local traffic fluidity. The solution has also increased pedestrians’ safety by allowing them to ask for priority crossing time.

With the deployment of this project, we have increased traffic fluidity and pedestrians’ safety at nine intersections on the montée des Pionniers. The City is pleased with the result.

– Mr. Patrick Bourassa

Project Manager, Traffic and Public Services for the City of Terrebonne

You would like to develop a personalized plan to optimize traffic fluidity and safety of an intersection or a wider area? We are available to discuss your needs and implement solutions that meet your expectations. Contact us now!

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