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Autonomous Shuttle in Candiac !

Canada's first autonomous shuttle has arrived & Orange Traffic is proud to be a part of it !

This week, the first autonomous vehicle in Canada made its entry on public roads in the South Shore of Montreal, Quebec. This 100% electric and autonomous shuttle will be on a pilot period for 12 months allowing passengers onboard until the end of Fall. Due to Quebec’s harsh winter conditions, the shuttle will be passenger-less during the cold months to ensure its performance in the cold and icy roads.

Studies show that the driverless vehicle market will grow by 40% in the next 4 years, allowing much greater conditions on the roads. Not only is the Candiac’s shuttle 100% ecological, it also gives a greater access to public transit to citizens, by bringing them around the several transit bus lines and the city’s most visited area, such as the city hall, the industrial park and several workplaces. Facilitating access to public transit will decrease the number of cars on the roads, which will lessen traffic congestion while preserving our planet.

Orange Traffic is proud to be part of this project with its innovative Intersect platform, allowing the shuttle to communicate with the traffic lights to know when the light will go from green to yellow to red, so the autonomous shuttle can cruise safely in the city streets. GPS, cameras and smart sensors are also installed on the shuttle to make sure it can 100% independently analyze its surroundings and navigate safely around pedestrians, cyclists, vehicles and all road users.

Taking part of the change in the transportations industry is important to improve our road conditions and allowing road users to be safer. The future of transportation has arrived!

To learn more about our partners in this project, check out this video!

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