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30 years of innovation must be celebrated !

In October 2018, Orange Traffic is celebrating 30 years of business ! Throughout this month, we want to celebrate our loyal customers and our wonderful team for making it possible to continue growing together by innovating constantly.

It was in 1988 that Orange Traffic entered the directional signaling market; lane control, left or right turns, traffic lights for pedestrian crossing. The basic philosophy has always been to dedicate time, energy and funding to promote research and development. Innovation is essential to achieve this philosophy and it is defined as the action to innovate, to introduce into a process something unknown, but also to be creators and initiators of new technologies. After 30 years of experience, it’s more than true. At Orange Traffic, we innovate. Always attentive to the needs of our customers, we know how to offer unique and innovative solutions to optimize the fluidity on their roads.

In addition to being the inventor of the pedestrian count known today, Orange Traffic won in 1991 the largest optical fiber contract in Canada, the Mount Royal Cross, which rises to 120 feet in height. Our products have made it possible to facilitate the once complex and time-consuming maintenance of this Montreal symbol. Expertise continues to grow with our superior LED panels and product distribution to optimize fluidity on our roads.

Although innovating is a priority for us, the source of our success is our human capital. Orange Traffic is a team, it’s a family. Our solidarity contributes to the success of the company and its growth. The spirit of innovation of our team is the manifestation of our constant desire for success and excellence.

Thanks to all our team for allowing us a success over all these years and to our customers with whom we have developed beautiful innovative solutions to increase fluidity and safety on the roads.

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