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IMSA Forum & Expo: Lean, Network, Advance

Orange Traffic was there !


Orlando, FL, USA

At the end of last month, three of our team members, Daniel Lesage, Roger Fugère & Catherine Fugère, participated to the IMSA Forum & Expo in Orlando, Florida as exhibitors. It was a great opportunity to network with members of our industry, learn and innovate.

With an industry like ours, putting safety first is a no brainer and IMSA knows how to put people together to create safer solutions for our roads. Robert C. Springer, a retired American astronaut, gave the opening speech to talk about his experience with the NASA as well as being the Director of Quality System, Integrated Defense Systems with Boeing, which requires a lot of vigilance when it comes to safety. Our team also had the opportunity to network with other IMSA members that share a similar vision than us with innovation, safety and fluidity as priorities.

The IMSA forum was a real success for our industry, discussing today’s challenges and tomorrow’s reality. Orange Traffic is ready to take part of this change and is already developing innovative products to move your city towards a Smart City.

To learn more about this great event or our solutions offered, please visit our website or contact one of our team members today.

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