Polycarbonate-Framed Horizontal Traffic Signals

Orange Traffic sells polycarbonate-framed horizontal traffic signals with three to six 300-mm sections. The sections are interchangeable and configurable according to the standard provisions of the Ministère des Transports du Québec.


The frame and optical units are designed to enable the left-right inversion of the signal and onsite modification of the configuration without specialized tools.

These signals comply with the provisions on light signals of Transport Québec’s 8601 standard (Tome VII, Chapter 8).


  • Rigid moulded polycarbonate signal head compliant with the ST-017B standard. Blemish-free parts (no cracks, burrs, pits, etc.)
  • Signal head coated with black enamel at the front and grey enamel at the back (unless otherwise specified)
  • 100-mm background plate around the signal’s edge. May be covered with an optional yellow reflective foil
  • Stainless steel exterior hardware

Optical units

  • 3 to 6 optical units (LEDs or incandescent lamps) compliant with the latest version of the ITE standard
  • Optical units comprising an enclosure with access door and visor
  • Access doors equipped with swing-away augers and thumb nuts that are easy to open without requiring specialized tools
  • LED or polycarbonate lens, round, prismatic and convex, of green, yellow or red colour in compliance with the latest versions of ITE standards
  • Lined access door and lens that are fully dustproof, waterproof and weatherproof
  • Cap-type one-piece visor in round or square polycarbonate depending on the signal
  • Optical unit set mounted to the frame at both ends

Electrical hook-up

  • Terminal block set in the enclosure adjacent to the sleeve colour-coded to identify each supply wire
  • 18 gauge AWG 105.C wire

Clamping sleeve

  • Adjustable sleeve with built-in straps
  • Equipped with 2 mounting bolts and 2 levelling bolts allowing for an adjustment of ±5% with the tongue’s axis outside of the cap
  • May accommodate a tongue measuring 100 mm in diameter by 300 mm in length

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