Guardian Pedestrian Push Button

Easy wiring access and configuration are at the heart of the latest independent system from Campbell. Tthis complete APS solution has a simple and flexible configuration, and delivers safety, simplicity, reliability, and cost-effectiveness at any intersection.


As a testament to its simplicity, the Guardian is a cabinet-free, completely independent pedestrian system. Encompassing everything agencies know and love about the AGPS, the Guardian now offers greater sound quality, and still provides an ambient gain compensation locator tone, extended press options, vibro-tactile walk indications, and optional clearance phase indications; all adjustments and settings can be made at the pedestrian station via independent USB connection. Ready to mount out of the box, the Guardian station is powered by utilizing a four conductor cable to connect to the Signal Power Interface (SPI) that is mounted in the pedestrian signal head.

The Guardian APS solution is designed with ease of use and access in mind. Each station is independently configured at our factory but can be installed and customized at the intersection by utilizing a laptop or tablet and USB cord. Our user-friendly software utility, PedConnexTM, makes updates, data extraction and programming straightforward and effortless. Aesthetically pleasing extension brackets are available, allowing stations to be mounted at customized lengths within accessibility guidelines.


  • Data Collection
  • No Devices in Cabinet
  • USB Interface
  • Night Mode Volume
  • Sound Directionality
  • Simple and Straightforward Installation
  • Adjustable Station Angle
  • Configuration Templates


  • Independent Locations
  • Independent Solution
  • Event Tracking Log
  • Ped Count/Call Data
  • Laptop Interface
  • Simple Menu Utility
  • NEMA TS 2 Certified
  • Meets MUTCD Guidelines

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