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Fluidity and Safety First – Modernization of the Canton Viaduct in Baltimore, Maryland

In dire need of renewal due to a structure rendered deficient by the deterioration of concrete piers and rusty seals, the Canton viaduct in Baltimore received a complete makeover with the replacement of its 3,200-foot-long bridge.

This project led by the Maryland Transportation Authority (MDTA), a public agency ensuring the proper functioning of bridges and tunnels, aimed to improve road safety by updating the damaged infrastructure.

The Challenges

Dealing with very little shoulder space and no device in place to carry out maintenance on the infrastructure without risking the safety of road users, the MDTA had to close the tunnel altogether to perform maintenance, meaning the maintenance teams had to work at night to avoid causing major traffic jams during rush hour. 

The MDTA reached out to Orange Traffic to implement a complete solution allowing them to carry out the necessary maintenance on the Canton viaduct and its tunnel without having to significantly disrupt road traffic for undetermined periods while the work is being carried out.

The Proposed and Implemented Solution

Following Orange Traffic’s recommendations and working with Traffic Systems & Technology (TS&T) who is our trusted mid-atlantic partner, MDTA chose to optimize traffic flow on the Canton viaduct by installing new LED Blank Out Lane Control Signs, which help significantly reduce the need to close lanes during maintenance work. These signs are controlled by an ITS (Intelligent Traffic System) cabinet, which allows real-time lane management, thus optimizing traffic fluidity and road users’ and maintenance teams’ safety, thanks to clear and legible indications at all times. 

In doing so, the MDTA can easily manage the tunnel’s traffic by opening or closing lanes according to their precise needs, considerably simplifying maintenance operations and incident management while significantly increasing safety.

Moreover, CCTV cameras and over height detectors were installed by Traffic Systems, LLC (TS&T) to monitor and manage traffic in real time. The system includes sensors that detects the size of vehicles, allowing to signal the presence of vehicles oversized for the capacity of the tunnel and put in place quick solutions to avoid causing major traffic jams and/or any damages to the infrastructure. 

The Results

Since the adoption of this solution, a considerable decrease in incidents has been observed concurrently with a significant increase in safety. Moreover, the modernization of the Canton viaduct was successfully completed in summer 2020, well ahead of schedule.

Since this is a highly traveled tunnel / roadway and there are little alternative routes for the traveling public is important to install reliable equipment. Orange Traffic provides quality products with an extremely high reliability making the best choice for this project. 

Would you You would like to develop a personalized plan to optimize traffic fluidity and the safety of road users and maintenance teams during the modernization of damaged infrastructure? We are available to discuss your needs and implement solutions that meet your expectations. Contact us now!



About Orange Traffic

Orange Traffic is a Quebec company that has been working for over 25 years in designing and implementing groundbreaking solutions dedicated to the safe management of the urban life.

For more information, visit our website: www.orangetraffic.com

About Traffic Systems & Technology (TS&T)

TS&T and Orange Traffic have a unique partnership that expands over 20 plus years. They are well respected and have an excellent reputation in the Mid-Atlantic region regarding ITS, Lighting, Traffic solutions.

For more information, visit www.trafficsystem.us 

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