Optimize fluidity and safety on the road in an innovative way.

One of the primary motivations that drive Orange Traffic’s team to constantly surpass themselves in terms of road technology is to help reduce accidents due, among other things, to poorly equipped intersections. Here is our vision of the perfect intersection:

Any busy intersection would benefit from horizontal traffic lights. Traffic lights ensure the maximum flow of traffic while allowing pedestrians and cyclists time to cross.

To increase the safety of these more vulnerable entities, the Guardian Pedestrian Push Button (AGPS), which includes a sound system for the visually impaired, paired with an Intermittent LED Sign, which will show a “No Right Turn” symbol once the button has been activated, is the perfect combo to maximize pedestrians’ safety. Add to this the SmartSensor Matrix Detector, which, thanks to a recognition system that detects motorists and cyclists, adjusts the traffic lights intelligently to allow cyclists to continue their journey smoothly.

In case of emergency, authorized vehicles can get to their destination faster thanks to the Preemption System. This system allows service vehicles to view intersections in real time and plan their journey accordingly. It also ensures the safety of all entities on the road.

All these products are orchestrated by none other than the ATC-1000 Advanced Traffic Controller. Equipped with a full range of communication options, the controller can be manually operated if needed. It is securely housed in the Techno-Hybrid Control Cabinet for Traffic Lights with LED interior lighting to facilitate technical interventions.

Go for an optimal safety intersection while maintaining unparalleled road flow with our innovative and high quality products.

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Efficient Management

Efficient Management

Efficient management of traffic to prioritize emergency vehicles

Eco-Responsible Solution

Eco-Responsible Solution

Solar-powered option available

Data Collection

Data Collection

To optimize citizen's road usage

Data Collection


The first open platform designed for traffic control cabinets and intelligent transportation systems
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SmartSensor Matrix™ Detector

Wavetronix’s SmartSensor Matrix detector detects immobile or moving vehicles at an intersection. It solves the problems associated with magnetic detection loops: positioning errors, costly and frequent maintenance, damage to the roadway and lane closures during installation and maintenance operations.
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Traffic Signals

Polycarbonate-Framed Horizontal Traffic Signals

This traffic signal is lighter and more safe than the original aluminum-framed horizontal traffic signals. The frame and optical units are designed to enable the left-right inversion of the signal and onsite modification of the configuration without specialized tools.
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Blank Out Signs

LED ''No Right Turn'' Sign

Orange Traffic’s intermittent road signs are designed to clearly indicate authorized vehicle manoeuvres at intersections and on roadways. The sign is lit according to conditions and times to quickly indicate to road users if they are allowed to turn or not and thus avoid the confusion that can stem from indicating when turns are forbidden on the same sign or a separate sign.
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