SignAlert™  Sign Enhancement System

We all recognize the importance of reflectivity on the signs and safety devices that line our Highways and Roadways and the value it serves to the motoring public. However, reflectivity may not be enough to raise awareness where awareness is critical.

This is why TraffiCalm professionals have long recognized that certain sign situations are more critically important than others. Some signs simply cannot be ignored. There has been a growing need in the industry for a simple and affordable way to retrofit existing signs with additional levels of warning for those situations that demand them — and to do this in such a way that the additional alert system can be motion activated to conserve power and extend the life of the LEDs.

The Solution – SignAlert™  Sign Enhancement System that field retrofits onto almost any existing sign.



  • LED rings field retrofit onto almost any existing sign  
  • Very affordable 
  • 6 Level – auto-dimming at night 
  • Solar or AC power options 
  • Motion activation and data collection options 
  • High intensity LEDs visible day or night (visible up to 2 miles at night) 
  • Hassle-free installation. (No dirt moved means less permits, and streamlined implementation) 
  • LED flashers face mount on existing signs with permanent bonding tape and/or mechanical fasteners 
  • Scheduling functionality expands system versatility and performance


  • Affordable implementation, easy installation
  • Configuration app works on any Wi-Fi phone, tablet, or PC 
  • Radar option adds real-time feedback to drivers 
  • Battery and solar options for extreme performance 
  • Dynamic scheduling function 
  • Wide range of input trigger devices, including buttons and environmental sensors

Controller Unit 

  • Weight with Battery: 12 lbs with 10Ah Battery
  • Voltage: 11VDC to 15 VDC (VBATT)
  • Charger: Intelligent MPPT solar controller accepts 17VDC to 25VDC at 60W Max 
  • Autonomy (29Ah): 7 days (24-7 operation)
  • Panel Supplied: 20W, 17.2V MPPV, 21.6V open circuit, 30W and 60W options available 
  • Insolation Required: 2 Hours of uninhibited sun each day 
  • Outputs: Beacon – 2 each 12W Max. DC high side driver output 
  • Mounting: Universal mount adapter engineered to work with most standard posts 

Flush Mounted LED Flasher Rings 

  • Size: Varies based on sign selection 
  • Mounting: Outdoor rated Mounting Tape and provisions for easy match drilling and riveting 
  • LEDs:
    • Red (626nM): 15 degree cone of view; Rates 100,000 hours; 20K CDA/M^2, Auto Dimming Employed 
    • Amber (590nM): 15 degree cone of view; Rates 100,000 hours; 20K CDA/M^2, Auto Dimming Employed 
    • White (Cool White): 30 degree cone of view; Rates 100,000 hours; 25K CDA/M^2, Auto Dimming Employed 
  • Power:
    • 10V to 18V
    • 0W standby or OFF (No power required)
  • Flash patterns: 1Hz, 1/2 second duty alternating or unison, RRFB, Emergency Pop 
  • Dimming: 6 levels as determined by solar panel illumination 

System Operating Temperature Range

  • Components except battery: -34°C to +74°C
  • Battery: -20°C to +50°C (LiFePO4) standard. Optional -40°C to +65°C (ATB Pb SS) available

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