Side-by-side Pedestrian Signals

Orange Traffic sells one-piece LED pedestrian signals with dual displays: main or silhouette and countdown.


The pictogram’s contours are dimmer to ensure increased visibility and prevent risks of signal misinterpretations. Pedestrians thus benefit from increased safety when crossing intersections.

Functional characteristics

  • Uniformity that complies with ITE’s PTSCI uniformity standard, Part 2 regarding pedestrian signals (2010)
  • Compliance with the MUTCD countdown standard
  • Full pre-emption compatibility
  • Possibility of connecting up to 8 sets of signals in parallel without affecting the monitoring of the main/silhouette display
  • Intertek/ETL certification and registration with ETL’s certification program


  • Anticapillary wiring resistant to dampness
  • Power supplies covered by a damp-proof coating
  • Fuse providing an increased level of protection against line and charge surge
  • Protection against transient voltage surges that exceeds NEMA and ITE standards

Technical characteristics

  • Dimensions: 40.5 x 46 cm (16 x 18 in.)
  • Power supply: 80-135 VAC, 60 ± 3 Hz
  • Power consumption (at 25°C):
    • Main: 11 W
    • Silhouette: 10 W
    • Countdown: 8 W
  • Maximum brightness:
    • Main: 1400 cd/m2
    • Silhouette: 2200 cd/m2
    • Countdown: 1400 cd/m2

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