Portable SmartSensor HD Radar

Orange Traffic has designed a portable version of Wavetronix’s SmartSensor HD radar. Enclosed in a sturdy case, the device provides highly effective, non-intrusive vehicle detection.


Wavetronix’s SmartSensor HD is a high-definition radar that accurately measures and classifies vehicles. It can detect traffic on up to 22 lanes simultaneously and define up to 8 length classes and 14 speed classes. It can also classify vehicles by direction of movement.

It detects either vehicles or lanes. In vehicle detection mode, it determines the spot speed, length, class, distance, lane and passing duration. In lane detection mode, it measures the volume of traffic (number of vehicles) by direction of movement and classification (length and speed), the occupation rate, the average spacing and interval between vehicles, the average speed, speed by category and speed of the 85th percentile (speed below which 85% of roadway users are driving) during a period set by the user.

For a complete listing of the SmartSensor HD radar’s characteristics, refer to the SmartSensor HD product datasheet.

The portable system is delivered in a weatherproof case that also contains the battery, protective equipment and accessories required for quick drum installations.

The Nanuk 950 case is made of light NK-7TM resin. Both sturdy and weatherproof, it protects the SmartSensor HD from impacts and bad weather. It is equipped with polyurethane casters, a comfortable folding upper handle and a retractable towing handle. It locks and has 100% stainless steel hardware and a pressure control valve.

Case characteristics

  • Exterior dimensions: 579 x 465 x 297 mm (22.8 x 18.3 x 11.7 in.)
  • Interior dimensions: 521 x 389 x 257 mm (20.5 x 15.3 x 10.1 in.)

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