Peek ATC-1000 Advanced Traffic Controller

The Peek ATC-1000 is the first of the new ATC line of modularly-built, standards-based controllers from Peek Traffic. Designed for ease-of-use and easy adaptability, the ATC-1000 traffic controller features Peek’s latest ATC engine board, a full line of communications options including multiple serial ports, multiple Ethernet ports as well as a USB firmware and memory port. Also, it uses the NTCIP communications natively.


With interchangeable I/O and power modules, the controller can be mounted in the latest cabinets, but can also be used as a plug-in replacement in older, non-standard cabinets, thus providing an upgrade path for older intersection control hardware.

The Peek ATC-1000 controller is easily programmable on site from the front panel, via USB database download or via IQ Link® direct connection or central system, in the same manner as the fully compatible Peek IQ Central® traffic management software.

The ATC-1000 is a totally new and powerful controller that can be used wherever NEMA, NTCIP and ATC compatibility is required.


  • 300-MHz Freescale Power Quix 2 processor
  • Linux operating system with memory management for process isolation
  • 16 line x 40 character backlit LCD display
  • 32-key soft touch keypad for front panel programming
  • Memory:
    • 16 MB Flash memory (standard)
    • 16 MB SDRAM memory (standard)
    • 32 or 64 MB SDRAM memory (optional)
  • Communications:
    • 5 serial ports with RS-485 support on one port
    • 2 Ethernet 100Base-T ports
    • High-speed USB port
    • 3000E-compatible modem slot
    • 2070-compatible modem slot with full modem flow control support
  • Available I/O modules:
    • NEMA TS 2 Type 1
    • NEMA TS 2 Type 2
    • HMC-1000
    • LMD 40
  • Available power modules:
    • ATC
    • Peek 3000E closed loop
    • LMD 40
    • Texas
    • Idaho
    • Traconex
    • Multisonics

Functional characteristics

  • Compatibility:
    • NTCIP 1201 and 1202 protocols
    • IQ Central
  • Interface with existing communications infrastructure:
    • 1200-baud twisted pairs
    • High-speed serial connections (RS-232) up to 115 kbit/s
    • Fibre optic modems
    • Wireless systems
    • LAN/WAN applications
  • Automatic recognition of I/O and power modules

Technical characteristics

  • Dimensions: 261 mm (H) x 375 mm (W) x 267mm (D) (10 1/4 x 14 3/4 x 10 1/2″)
  • Weight: 4 to 5 kg (9 to 11 lb)
  • Supply voltage: 95–135 VAC, 60 ± 3 Hz
  • Operating temperature range: –37 to +74°C (–35 to +165°F)
  • Operating relative humidity range: 0–95%.

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