Dialight Built-In LED Traffic Light

Orange Traffic lets you take advantage of the latest development in LED traffic lights: the fully built-in traffic light terminal block. Say goodbye to delicate electrical installations on site; the light control module is now enclosed right in the terminal block.


This innovative traffic light terminal block, which has many patents pending, makes installation a snap. It simplifies the set-up of new terminal blocks and the replacement of existing units. Its replaceable power supply facilitates maintenance operations and can be adapted in several ways (e.g., conversion to direct current).

Its highly energy-efficient LEDs generate bright red, yellow and green colours using half the power of conventional leds and 15 times less power than incandescent bulbs. They are compliant with ITE brightness, colour and uniformity standards.

The terminal blocks are also compliant with current ITE optical and electrical requirements and fully compatible with current traffic light assembly wiring and hardware.

Dialight built-in traffic light terminal blocks come with a 15-year warranty.

General characteristics

  • Ball light or arrow
  • Secondary specific treatment optic lens measuring 12 in. in diameter providing excellent abrasion resistance
  • Temperature-compensated power supply for increased LED life; replaceable on site
  • Weatherproof enclosure available in standard colours
  • 0.125-in. thick durable polycarbonate enclosure and door
  • Single unit or multiple units available
  • Horizontal or vertical assembly
  • Internally prewired with 6-position screw terminals

Technical characteristics

  • Supply voltage: 80–135 VAC, 60 ± 3 Hz
  • Transient suppression that surpasses ITE and NEMA specifications
  • Minimum utmost brightness levels maintained:
    • Red light: 365 cd
    • Yellow light: 910 cd
    • Green light: 475 cd
  • Consumption:
    • Red and green lights: 7 W
    • Yellow light: 11 W
  • Enclosure dimensions: 1034.4 x 372.7 x 170.3 mm (40.57 x 17.87 x 8.71 in.)

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