Educational / Preventive Radar – I-SAFE 2

I-SAFE 2 combines speed display with text or picture messages.

It associates a “numbers” matrix with two fully customizable lines of text: texts and/or pictograms, it’s up to you!

With its integrated radar and removable battery, it is mobile and easy to operate.  It can also be equipped with a solar power supply kit or connected to public lighting.


Operation and Strengths

  • Tricolour numbers: green, orange, red according to the speed of the road user
  • Successive display of three messages (two lines of text or pictograms), simultaneously at the speed
  • Three power supply options
  • Anti-record function
  • Complete basic kit including fixing material
  • Calendar function
  • Pre-programmed speed regimes
  • Personalisation of settings via USB key or Bluetooth (option)
  • User-friendly software for managing measurement data

Use Cases 

  • Speed prevention in the vicinity of schools
  • Alert on road construction site
  • Securing of conurbation entrances
  • Speed reduction as we approach areas with low use
  • Accident prevention on industrial site
  • Displayed speeds: From 5 to 199 km/h
  • Detectable speeds: From 5 to 250 km/h
  • Numbers size: 345 x 520 mm (H x L)
  • Text matrix size: 160 x 520 mm (H x L) / 832 leds 
  • Unit size: 775 x 665 x 140 mm (H x L x P)
  • Weight: 11.4 kg (without battery)
  • Protection level: IP65
  • Mount: Hooks on the back of the unit + mast support 
  • Operating Temperature: From -35°C to + 65°C
  • Power supply: 12 V DC by recharcheable battery or 12V/24 Ah or 220 V (grid or street lighting) or solar kit 
  • Consumption: 0,2 VA 
  • Battery life: Depends on power supply
  • Frequency: K band : 24,125 GHz
  • Transmitting power: < 5mW
  • Communication interface: USB (options: Bluetooth or GPRS) 
  • Memory size: 540,000 mesures 
  • Software: 
    • Operating system: Windows XP or later, minimum 256 MB RAM 
    • Disk space: 50 Mo 
  • Detection distance:
    • Car: 120m 
    • Truck: 150-200m 
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