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JSF Technologies

JSF Technologies designs and manufactures solar-powered LED-equipped traffic safety devices for customers all over the world, right from their facility on Vancouver Island. They specialize in high-efficiency, smart technology that is engineered to keep pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists safe.

Keeping a low carbon footprint is a priority: by using solar power they are able to eliminate the need to run electrical power and the machinery for trenching. This makes safety available for any region with any budget while helping to sustain our planet.

Learning and growing are key to the business, and with every new technological advance in our industry, the goal is to provide the most reliable, efficient, and best-designed solar warning beacon equipment possible.

JSF Technologies


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Intersection Management Adapted to Trucks

Source: November 20, 2019 There is more and more talk in our industry of so-called intelligent transport systems. Among these, we find traffic light management solutions such as the Advance radar, designed in the United States by the American firm Wavetronix and offered here by the Quebec distributor Orange Traffic, from Mirabel. Initially, this […]

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Kelly Lake Vehicle Compliance Station

Their mission is to make sure freight companies operate within the regulations of Nova Scotia. The inspection can either be random or based on the weight received on the scale. When the driver passes by the weight station, an LED sign, manufactured by Orange Traffic, indicates them if they have to stop by the weight […]

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